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Many individuals hope to lead healthy and vibrant lives. As a country with an advanced aging society, Japan is tasked with finding measures to help people achieve this. | GETTY IMAGES

Japan as a major player in health

Toward an ageless society where people can be active for life


Akira Suzuki, who headed the Mie Prefectural Child Guidance Center through March, discusses prefectural efforts to address cases of child abuse.

New tide of innovation addressing social challenges

Utilizing AI to better protect children, anticipate child abuse risks


From left: Masayo Tokuhiro of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Yumiko Kajiwara of Fujitsu, Narie Sasaki of Nagoya University’s Graduate School of Science and Eriko Komiya of METI.

New tide of innovation addressing social challenges

Experts believe that seeds of innovation are rooted in diversity


Members of the Startup Support Team launched by the Japan Patent Office in July 2018.

Paving the way for the future with intellectual property

Intangible assets, including IP, become driving force of competition


Self-driving cars are being tested on the public roads in the town of Namie, aiming to boost the return of residents.

Paving the way for the future with intellectual property

Nurturing the future of Fukushima with intellectual property


Venture capitalist James Riney, who is managing partner and head of 500 Startups Japan, talks about his views on the future prospects of Japanese startups with the METI Journal.

Japanese startups moving onto international stage

Forgoing early IPOs in favor of pursuing a larger market share


Japan and France jointly held a July event in Paris to support startups develop their businesses overseas.

Japanese startups moving onto international stage

Creating a Japanese role model to be effective on a global scale


Deputy Commissioner of The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Yasuhiro Maeda talks about his expectations on digital transformation efforts at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

‘Digital first’ shift transforming society

Public administrative services look to streamline to new platforms


The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry aims to promote digital transformation for its administrative procedures.

‘Digital first’ shift transforming society

Leading administrative reform under premise of digitalization


Cashless payments changing Japan

‘Time has come’ to promote and standardize cashless payments


A major experimental project on cashless payments has been underway at Fukuoka’s yatai food stalls, which accept such payments.

Cashless payments changing Japan

Playing catch-up, Japan forges ahead with cashless payments


Businesses involving space development have been active in Japan, with many startups aiming for outer space.

The universe within reach

The days to come: Science fiction’s transition to everyday reality


Private-sector companies have entered the space industry, prompting the expansion of businesses aiming to capitalize on outer space. The potential value gained through analyzing satellite data could bring about innovative businesses.

The universe within reach

Varied private sector goes galactic, government boosting efforts


The Matsusaka Cluster Joint Plant in Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture.

Time for the aviation industry to leap forward

Companies bridge borders of respective fields to join growing market


The domestically made regional passenger jet Mitsubishi Regional Jet flies over British skies at the Farnborough International Airshow.

Time for the aviation industry to leap forward

New horizons mark next chapter of Japanese aviation industry


Two division chiefs from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology discuss the future of education.

‘Future Classroom’ nurturing those creating change

Ministries discuss future of artificial intelligence and education


The push for introducing information technology in education has been playing a large role in transforming the educational landscape.

‘Future Classroom’ nurturing those creating change

Future of education: Startups eye programming, custom learning


Hosei University professor emeritus Yasuo Suwa stressed the importance of the right to a career to enable individuals to work on their own terms.

Essential skills of a working adult in the era of the 100-year life

‘Right to a career’ serves as compass for economic and social changes


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